Unlike many modern knitwear producers who's garments are handled by many people, often in many countries before reaching the shops, Skovhuus of Denmark like to keep things simple. Every item made by Skovhuus is designed and created in their own production facilities in Denmark, where they knit the fabrics for most of their collections. The knitting machines are busy round the clock 7 days a week, but the attention to detail comes from the hands of the craftsmen and women employed at the factory in Birk. 

The development of a knit always start with the talented designers, who create two collections every yea. The Spring/Summer collection is focussed around light yarns and fresh colours, perfect for a cool summer outfit. The Autumn/Winter Collection is in warmer yarns - such as wool blends - and the colours are soft and earthy tones. Browse through the new Autumn/Winter 2021 collection available at Secret Boutique Gullane.

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